i got jailed for nothing and i was just

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i got jailed for nothing and i was just

Post by chuythemoney on Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:29 am

i was minding my own buisness And i was at the parkour doing the pk and just listening to music and everyone is doing the event on the second layer / parkour event / 2nd one and i was doing the orignall first one and i just kept doing it and mindingmy own buisness not hurting anyone and i got jailed for no reason ive been waiting 3 hours and i still havent been unjailled and i just got home after depsoting my check and this Crap happens its like this how u treat ur Donators and loyal players who Respect others and follow rules just to abuse and Jail them for no entire reason all im asking is to unjail me 100% innocent

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