Free And Easy Way To Prevent DDoS

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Free And Easy Way To Prevent DDoS

Post by ddos on Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:57 am

If you don't want to be ddosed for your gear that you have worked hard for then follow this simple tutorial.

NOTE: This is strictly for windows only, sorry if you have Mac you will have to find your own way to hide your IP.

Step 1

Your going to want to change your IP address, to do this first open up a new tab and go to and keep that open.

You will now need to change your IP, there are multiple ways to do this, but keep in mind if none of these options work for you I'm not sure what to do, some people cannot change their IP due to their router type.

Method 1:

First step is to press your Windows Key + R, this will open up run which you will then type in "cmd" and hit enter.

First type /ipconfig release, wait about 30 seconds and then type /ipconfig renew, if done correctly you should see a different IP on when you refresh the page

Method 2:

First step is to press your Windows Key + R, this will open up run which you will then type in "cmd" and hit enter.    

Type in ipconfig and under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection copy down your IPv4 address and put it into the url bar in your browser.

Find where your Mac address is located and change the last 2 numbers to anything you want as long as it is different and click apply. (most people don't have this option)

Your router will restart and then you can check again to see if your IP has changed.

Method 3:

Call your internet provider and ask them for a new IP.

Step 2

Create a new Skype account and only add your closest friends who you trust and tell them not to add you to any calls with other people.

Step 3

Before you log onto that skype it is important that you download which hides your IP, it is available for free with ads or you can buy the premium version and get other features.

If you log onto your Skype before installing and activating this, your new IP will be logged instead of completely hidden.

Once you install it on the lower right corner of your screen you will see your icons on your mini taskbar, click the arrow and find right click on the Hotspot Shield program you just installed and select Connect/ON.

Step 4 (OPTIONAL):

Download the skype beta here and install it.

On the tool bar go to Tools> Options> Advanced> Connection and tick Allow direct connections to your contacts only.

This prevents people who don't have your Skype from getting your IP, this is only essential to do if you haven't downloaded the Hotspot Shield.

When you have completed these steps you may log onto your new Skype and configure Skype so it doesn't automatically sign you in when you start it up because you are going to need to enable the Hotspot Shield every time you log on or your real IP will show up.

Change IP address
Create new skype
Download Hotspot Shield
Enable Hotspot Shield
Download Skype beta
Tools> Options> Advanced> Connection tick Allow direct connections to your contacts only.
Log onto Skype


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